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Fátima Do It Yourself Experience

Quick Details

Check-in 15 minutes before the tour departure time.

Child 6 to 10 years
Baby up to 5 years

Visit the Fátima Sanctuary on this Do It Yourself tour

The Do It Yourself ® tour offers you a digital guide who will be your faithful companion during your visit to Fátima, one of the most important sites of faith and pilgrimage in the world. The DIY guide will provide you with all the explanations and information about this most sacred of places. The three secrets of Fátima, the three shepherd children, the changes that took place in the world when the war ended…

Hear all these stories with the DIY guide during your visit to this holy site.

With the DIY tour, we offer you the opportunity to discover Fátima at your own pace, with your own eyes and the way you want to.