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Algarve Tours

Visit the Algarve region and discover the beautiful landscapes of southern Portugal.

Visit the beautiful landscapes, colors and flavors of the Algarve

The Algarve has something very special, and we’re not just talking about its almond tart and the bread: discover the diversity of the landscapes that makes our country so unique. From mountains to plains and plateaus, from shale houses to snowy white-washed houses, from a dry interior to a mild coast, from green to beige, yellow to blue. It has fish and meat, villages and cities, almonds and oranges, and it has a sea. A sprawling ocean of blue that cools us during the hot summer months, enveloping beaches that are tucked away under jagged cliffs or traversed by lagoons populated by oysters. And it has two words that accompany and define it: windward and leeward. It also has some of the best water parks in Europe, synonymous with fun, and some of the best Golf courses. The Algarve, where entertainment goes hand in hand with relaxation, spoils us with what is probably the best cuisine ever. And that’s also why we fall in love with it every day.