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Porto Tours and region

Discover the northern region of Portugal on tours from the city of Porto.


Visit the north of Portugal

One of the oldest cities in Europe and the capital of northern Portugal, Porto is without a doubt a city of many names. Starting with “Invicta” [undefeated], which is said of a person or thing which has never been defeated. Porto is, therefore, the epitome of courage having, throughout history, withstood many military sieges. Its strength and invincibility is veiled by the nostalgic fog. It’s the fog that gives it its mysterious allure, but when it lifts, the mystery is solved: we are presented with a city with an imposing beauty. Porto is beauty, history, tradition, modernity, the river and the sea. It is a very generous city, starting with the architecture of its buildings: every corner offers us architectural works of art from different eras. And it’s also a city where you just have to do certain things. For example: eat a francesinha [traditional meat sandwich covered in melted cheese and sauce]; visit the Cleric’s Bell Tower; visit the Lello Bookshop; stroll along Rua Miguel Bombarda, one of the city’s main  streets of modern cultural, and pop into the different art galleries; be enchanted by the view from the Crystal Palace’s gardens; drink tea at Serralves Manor and visit the latest exhibit at the Serralves Museum of Modern Art; take in a concert at the Music Hall and go for a boat ride along the Douro River. Amongst many other delights that Porto has to offer its visitors.