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Lisbon Activities

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Choose the best combination of 3 hop-on hop-off bus lines in Lisbon and Cascais to use with your 48 hour ticket: Belém, Castelo & Cascais; Belém, Oriente & Cascais; or Belém, Oriente & Castelo. 2 walking tours to discover Alfama and Baixa-Chiado at your own pace are included. You can choose the option to include the hop-on hop-off boat in this package.

Lisbon, the seventh most visited city in southern Europe, owes its fame to the sky above it, the light that radiates from there and the Tagus.

“Here and there in Lisbon – when we’re in a hurry or are distracted by the streets, we turn a corner and suddenly we see the iridescent Tagus River: our body then becomes lighter and our spirit soars”, wrote Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen about Portugal’s capital, and rightly so. The seventh most visited city in Southern Europe, Lisbon is famous for the sky above it and its radiating light, and for the Tagus. The Tagus River always in the background. It is under this basking light that Lisbon enchants, captivates and grows, and has become one of continental Europe’s main economic hubs. The streets and traditional alleys are intertwined and teeming with life, scents and music, reflecting the various cultures that inhabit the city. There is no shortage of jacaranda trees, vibrant colours, buildings covered in vintage tiles and, of course, the Tagus. The Tagus River always in the background. And going hand in hand, is the modern and luxurious: avenues adorned by stunning century-old elms, sycamores and nettle trees, lined with luxury stores, outdoor cafés and bars, theatres; modern quarters with futuristic architecture, art galleries, streets and motorways that connect it to the world. It is Portugal’s political capital and from where all the conquerors set sail to navigate uncharted waters. Lisbon is castles, palaces, squares, and also beaches, shopping centres, conference centres, universities, airports and the Tagus. The Tagus River always in the background.