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Lisboat - River Cruise

As well as a hop-on-hop-off bus trip we now have a hop-on-hop-off boat circuit. That’s right, a hop-on-hop-off boat! The concept is exactly the same: we provide you with the experience of becoming acquainted with Lisbon at your own pace, this time by boat. The HoHo boat leaves the Bom Sucesso dock in Belém and stops in Alcântara, Cais do Sodré and Terreiro do Paço. You may get on or off at any of them, at any time, during the validity of the ticket. We are waiting for you.

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Estação Sul Sueste, Cais do Sodré (Ribeira das Naus), Cacilhas, Belém (Torre de Belém)

Arco da Rua Augusta

This majestic triumphal arch, the noble gateway onto the interior of the “Downtown”, was planned in the time of the Marquis de Pombal to finish off the northern side of the Praça do Comércio. However, it was only begun in 1862 and finished in 1873.

The monument features a set of allegoric symbols such as “Gloria crowning Genius and Value”, the work of the French sculptor Anatole Calmels. Immediately below there are (from left to right) statues of Viriato, Vasco da Gama, the Marquis of Pombal and Nuno Álvares Pereira (these being the work of Portuguese sculptor Vítor Bastos), with representations of the rivers Tagus and Douro on each side.

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Rua Augusta 2, 1100-053 Lisboa

El Corte Ingles

This department store is the ideal destination for those who like to find everything in one place, bringing together the best-known national and international brands. The range of products is huge and always attentive to the latest trends, offering fashion, cosmetics and perfumes, accessories, jewellery, decoration, technology, sports, toys, books and food. Focusing on the quality of customer care, this vast and sophisticated department store offers unique services, such as sending your shopping to your hotel, a personal shopper, and a card with a 10% discount for non-resident tourists (in addition to Tax Free).

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Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 31. Lisboa

Lisboa Story Centre

Lisboa Story Centre is an innovative space dedicated to the history of the Portuguese capital, inspired by the wide array of facts and events that have shaped the city. Located in the East Wing of the newly renovated Terreiro do Paço, it has been designed as an interactive Visitor Attraction.

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Codfish History Interpretation Centre

The Codfish History Interpretation Centre is a place where you learn one of the most epic stories in the history of Portugal – the discovery of Newfoundland and the adventure of cod fishing in the frozen seas.

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Torreão nascente, Terreiro do Paço.

Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória

Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória was launched in 1843, being the last ship of the Portuguese Navy to be powered exclusively by sail and the last ship to make the “Carreira da Índia.” . Her name is a tribute to the Queen of Portugal, D. Maria II, and her husband, D. Fernando II.

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Largo Alfredo Dinis, Almada

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa, located downtown at Av. da Liberdade just off “Praca dos Restauradores,” offers the ultimate discovery of modern times and launches you into an atmosphere of electrifying and priceless music memorabilia.

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Av. da Liberdade 2, 1250-144 Lisboa


Aboard one of our amphibious vehicles, explore the heart of Portugal’s capital, by land and river, without leaving the comfort of your own seat. Is it a bus? Is it a boat? It’s both…. so get ready to plunge into the Tagus River with a big smile on your face!

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Doca de Santo Amaro, Edifício Hippotrip, 1350-353 Lisboa

Museu da Marinha

Founded by King D. Luís in 1863, 100 years later the Naval Museum was installed in part os the Jerónimos Monastery, becoming symbolically associated with the site that saw the Portuguese fleets setting out to discover the routes over the great oceans.

This museum, with more than 17 thousand items, among them almost perfect models of ships, from naus and caravels to “modern” cruisers, bears fascinating testimony to maritime history and the activities of the Portuguese navigators.

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Praça do Império, 1400-206 Lisboa

Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian

Situated in Belém next to the Museu de Marinha (Maritime Museum) and the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, the Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium was opened in 1965 and holds regular information sessions, with projections that help the general public to develop an understanding of astronomy.

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Praça do Império, 1400-206 Lisboa

Aquário Vasco da Gama

The aquarium was inaugurated in 1898 with the support of D. Carlos I (1863-1908), and its main aim was to offer the visitor direct contact with the great riches of the aquatic world. There is a very diversified collection of objects related to the oceanographic research promoted by D. Carlos.

The aquarium has 4000 specimens of marine fauna and flora from the world’s various ecosystems.

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R. Direita do Dafundo, 1495-718 Cruz Quebrada

Biblioteca Central de Marinha Portuguesa

The Biblioteca Central de Marinha is an important bibliographic and documental center for the study of themes related to the History of Discoveries and Expansion, Overseas, Marine and Marine Affairs.

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R. da Junqueira, 1300-344 Lisboa