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Aveiro & Costa Nova

Quick Details

Check-In 15 minutes before the tour departure time.

Children 4 to 12 years
Baby up to 3 years

Discover Costa Nova Aveiro in this guided city tour

They call it “Venice” because of the moliceiros that sail along the canals; traditional boats that resemble the famous gondolas. But Aveiro has a number of other superstars. For example: there are the delicious ovos-moles (sweet delicacy made of eggs and sugar), the Costa Nova beach and its small colourful houses, the University campus – one of the most important technology hubs in the country –, amongst many other things. And you can tour the whole city on a BUGA (a free bicycle for use in the city of Aveiro). It’s a very special city you won’t want to miss. 


  • “Venice of Portugal” 
  • Cruise in the “Moliceiro” 
  • Aveiro Water Canals 
  • Costa Nova